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I should be getting ready for Blissdom!

Ok, I should be getting ready for Blissdom Canada 2012 but I just read a post on the Blissdom Facebook page that tore at my heart. Someone mentioned a friend who was terrified to come. Their nerves and insecurities getting the best of them and I wanted to reach though the screen and hug them!

So, seeing that I should be packing, I’m going to have to make this quick!

A lot of you already know that last year I blogged about my experience attending #140 Conference in Kitchener in September in “What People Think”. I let the cat out of the bag that I was TERRIFIED to walk into any situation alone and a conference setting just amplified this.

The response from that blog was overwhelming. EVERYBODY understood. EVERYBODY could relate to my fears. And EVERYBODY wanted to make sure that I didn’t feel that alone again!

A month later when I was getting ready to attended my first Blissdom conference, I blogged “Got the Shoes” and talked about how scared I was again. I went into the hotel lobby that weekend with the same fears & sick feeling in my gut but within minutes was greeted with smiling faces, welcoming voices and comforting hugs.

For those those who are feeling similar jitters or who are all out sick to your stomachs with fear, be strong and get to registration, once you arrive there will be lots of people to lift your spirit and calm your nerves.

Look for me and I promise, we’re ALL going to have a great time!
See you tonight!!

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