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Jan 3 – New Books!

Nice and cozy on a snowy blowy day!


Did you really just say that to ME ?!?!?!

So as you all know this blog thing is a new endeavour and I’ve had huge amount of topics that I’ve been trying to “prioritize” in order to decide on what to write next.

And then I started talking to “her”. You know the mom who always has an opinion, who “knows” all the “you should know too” information, the one who’s kids are out of control but who thinks they’re perfect and your child really should learn from them. Ya. “HER“.

Well, this mom, mentioned that she read my first blog post and thought “it’s a great idea”. “I’m sure someone will love hearing your opinions” – with a not so subtle pat on the shoulder and a forced smile to my friend who was standing with us. But then the subject changed ever so slightly so she could offer her “advice” on posting pictures of my kids online. “I hope you’re not going to do that!” was her “question”.

Honestly, it’s been a serious question that has passed though my endless list of things to consider while starting this project, but seeing that I’m a photographer and MOST of my favourite pictures are of my kids I have decided to post some at some point. So I told her that. The conversation went from just that “a conversation” to a full out slap down lecture. She had an opinion on my priorities, my children’s safety and whether my husband knows about my decision because “maybe he needs to be informed”.


You’re going to question my priorities, my children’s well being and the state of my marriage all in a 5 minute conversation?!?!  Uh, ya, NO!

But I can be a polite person. I can bite my tongue …to a point.

So I explained the value of introducing our family to “the world”. We want to show that despite all our challenges we are a “typical family”. I can write all the words in the world but people relate to pictures and I want to engage them. Oh, and yes, my husband knows.

And then… as if the first five minutes hadn’t brought me close enough to the edge….

IT happened…

She looked at Amiera (my little ladybug) and said “oh, well I’m sure it would be safe enough to just put HER picture online but I’d still be worried about your other two.”


For those of you who don’t know, Amiera is my five year old daughter and when she was born we were told she has Down Syndrome. I am the founder of our local Down Syndrome Support Group ~ Club 21 – Huron County and I work hard to promote awareness about the diagnosis and how these wonderful people impact our world – FOR THE BETTER!

Now, when she said “I’m sure it would be safe for HER picture”, I just about lost it!

Like, she’s safe because “no one would want her?”

Or she’s safe because “she’s not very cute?”

Or maybe because


Ya, these are the people I face. These are the people my daughter faces. These are the people thousands of others have to deal with on a daily basis.

These are the people I want to teach about Down Syndrome.

Funny thing is, as mad and unforgiving I am, if Amiera understood, she would forgive her “ignorance” in a heartbeat.

That’s just how she is. I’m still learning.

PS: If you are “HER” and for some unknown reason you haven’t already figured it out, you’re opinions are not wanted or required. Thank you.

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