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Delaware Speedway with Farmers Feed Families & EHR

Saturday, my husband Wayne and I had the pleasure of joining Ed Hakonson, his lovely wife Heidi, daughter Jamie and their EHRacing team at the Delaware Speedway. Ed is the proud owner of two NASCAR racing teams, one of which is the new #8 Farmers Feed Families Dodge.

The Hakonson’s are a wonderful family and amazing business family. They launched the “Farmers Feed Families” brand as part of their Choko Authentic Apparel Lines. A brand that I personally have a soft place in my heart for.

Wayne has worked with the company to try to help build awareness of this fabulous brand and, as a show of gratitude, they invited us to join them at the third race of their new car. EHR, partnered with Snap-on Tools, Choko Motorsports, Castrol, Fast Eddie Racewear, Permatex and Cathcart Trucking have their #8 car carrying the brand “Farmers Feed Families” reminding everyone that “Farmers Rule”.  The Dodge is a beautiful machine and along with it’s awesome driver, Don Thomson Jr, is making quick work of introducing the team to the NASCAR community. The teams first two races have ended on the podium with two third place finishes.

This weekend at the Keystone Light 200 however was a bit of a different story.

After spending the afternoon hanging on pit row with both of Ed’s teams, we got to experience the energy of the crowds during autograph signing and finally an amazing race full of tension, excitement and a hint of disappointment (EHR’s other team – had a disappointing last 5 laps), we finished our day on the highest high possible. Team 8 “Farmers Feed Families” crossed the finish line in first place – taking the teams first 1st place finish and we got to be a part of it!

I can’t tell you how exciting the day was or how grateful I am to Ed and the whole EHR team for including us in this event.



Take a look at the images I captured to remind me of the day!

Ed Hakonson - owner EHR

Mean Machine

Farmers Rule

THE Logo


Qualifying Lineup

Team 8

Qualifying Run

Meeting of the minds

Pre Race Interview

Living a Dream

Don Thomson Jr signing autographs

Fan Photos


Helping hand out Farmers Feed Families stickers

Young Fan

Victory Lap

Emerging Champion

First Place Trophy

Victory Lane

The Podium

Don Thomson Jr

Winning Team 8

And if you like the thought behind the “Farmers Feed Family” brand – head over to Facebook and “LIKE” their page. You’ll be able to keep up with the team and support a true Canadian family business.

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