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36 hours and counting…

Fever Girl


More specifically the “no other symptoms but my kid is burning up” fevers.

These are my kids favourite kind and the fevers that keep me up for nights on end and leave me feeling helpless, alone and most importantly that our health care professionals really don’t have a clue.

My little bear is in the middle of one of these mysterious, no specific cause, just let it run its course fevers right now.

It started yesterday morning (yes, Happy Mother’s Day to Me) and  is still continuing.

Let me fill you in on the pattern….

My fiercely independent bear becomes overly clingy and seems uncharacteristically warm. I grab a thermometer and discover yes, at 101.6 my suspicions are correct. I dose her in both Tylenol AND Advil measuring for her weight and not for her age (tired of being accused by all-knowing Docs that I must be under dosing). And wait. Now, none of my children seem to react very quickly to fever reducers. They love to keep their mother on the edge of her seat and prefer to take close to 1.5 hrs to allow that temp to come back to a level that I’m comfortable with.

So, I wait and eventually the fever reduces to a more reasonable 99.3 and I can breathe a little easier.

However, that calm is only ever shortly lived and usually, between 1/2 – 1 hr before I can safely give any more medication the fever will spike back up.

Last night my baby girl’s temperature  was 102.4 and I still had 45 min before any other medication could be given. I give her cold drinks.  I use cold compresses and strip her down. By the time it was closer to the proper time, my little bear was HOT (103.4).  I give her all I can (medication wise)  I hold her on my lap and wait very impatiently for her body to stop burning.

And this is our cycle. The same pattern every four hours (Tylenol) & six hours (Advil) for all of my kids each time.

“But why?” my husband asks. “Didn’t she just have a fever a couple of weeks ago? What was wrong then?”

Yes, it was just a couple of weeks ago (2.5 actually) but we never figured out the reason. It just “ran its course”.

“Should we take her in to see the doctor?” my husband asks. “I don’t know.” I say, knowing that there aren’t any other symptoms and most likely they’re just going to tell me it’s just a virus and again, it just needs to “run its course”.

And finally, after three days of this pattern of roller coaster temperatures and a couple of bottles of fever reducers later, I’ll take her into town to see the doctor and he/she won’t have an answer. We’ll go home and wait to see if, in the next few days we finish with our little ride or if we’ll find ourselves back in at the ER department with a very sick child on our hands.

I’m hoping this ride, like most of them, is over sooner than later because the few that we’ve experienced that are more than expected, are nothing I’d wish on any parent.

Wishing for my happy bear.


Fool me once, shame on you!

Well, today my, too smart for his own good, son learned a valuable lesson. Don’t try to fool mom with the “I’m sick. Can you please come and pick me up.” routine.

I received a phone call from his school at 2:25 pm saying he wasn’t feeling well and he didn’t feel up to finishing his day and taking the bus home.

Now at the time, I honestly thought it was feasible that he could possibly be sick. Our little bear was sick all last week and ladybug wasn’t herself today either, so I, in my ‘cleaning the house all day’ attire, made the 15 min trek to town to pick him up.

When I got there it was pretty clear that, although he maybe a little tired, he was well enough that he could have finished his day. However, by this point there was only 20 mins left of class, a 20 min recess and a 40 min bus ride home… so I brought him home.

Upon arriving home, his sickness seemed to miraculously be cured.

He could run. He could spin. He could hop around like a lunatic.

I questioned his claim.

“But I am sick, Momma. My head hurts.” was the answer I received.

No, I really don’t think you are.

And in all my motherly wisdom, I calmly (although possibly with a slightly increased volume) informed my dear son that there are consequenses for boys who cry wolf and the next time he calls home claiming to be “sick”, he’d better have some solid evidence to back up the claim otherwise he will be out of luck!

“You’ll have to be running a fever off the chart or throwing up a lung before I ever agree to bring you home early again.” were my final words.

From now on there will be no ‘get out of school free’ cards.

Tough lesson for a seven year old.    

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

And for the record my little peanut,

your Momma ain’t no fool.

Twitter helps me help the Easter Bunny.


Another holiday that has been turned into a candy saturated day. Another holiday that I find myself scrambling to avoid the sugar. I refuse to allow my children to eat candy by the truck load and I won’t accept the toys they don’t need, use or want.

This year, since we’d already been to a Easter Egg hunt where too much sugar was acquired (candy that will no doubt still be here by the time Hallowe’en rolls around), I decided I will not add to this insanity. But what could I do?! I can’t let the Easter Bunny forget them. I wanted EB to do something but I didn’t want him to feel pressured or think I was demanding any extra effort on his part, so I did a little research and came up with some helpful suggestions from some twitter friends and a few creative websites. I DM’d him some ideas I thought just might work and this is what the Easter Bunny came up with for our family…

On Saturday night we swirled some eggs with cousin Cassie and hoped the Easter Bunny would be impressed with our awe-inspiring egg painting skills!


And Sunday morning we found this…

Empty Baskets

Empty baskets with a single note attached…

An explanation.

All that was needed to do was follow the clues on a Bunny Styled Scavenger Hunt and Easter would be saved!

Everybody ready?



A tree that was dressed up for the season.

A cookie for each of our family of five and a clue were found at a tree that had been dressed up for the holiday!

Then off to another tree in our yard where the bird feeder was found to have strange food tucked inside. (And yes, it’s chocolate but surprisingly our son gave his away to his cousin who came for a visit later this morning.)

Strange food for the birds!

Another clue!

Looking for a “bright door where a treat from a guide would be found”.

Girl Guide cookies for Daddy!

These cookies were for Daddy because he was disappointed no Girl Guide came to our house selling cookies this year.

Special Delivery

A ‘delivery’ was left in a ‘normal’ sort of place but alas, it was another gift for daddy. Then off to the ‘ride that Sadie loves best’ (her slide) to find a spring gift to get Mommy’s Garden started.

Spring gift for mom.

The  next clue set us farther from the house to Daddy’s workshop in the barn.

You look that way...

The search at the barn took a little more effort but Daddy finally found our “Hot off the press” collection.

Books for our bookworms!

Then around to the back to find the ‘animal that likes our grass long’ to look for a gift to help the summer along.

Around to the back!

After finding three new ball gloves (that I don’t have pics of) sitting on our John Deere lawn mower, we were set back to the house to look for an envelope in a window.

Found it!

With a little help from Daddy, Sadie found this gift. It was a gift card for dinner at one of our favourite places to eat.

Next we were set into the house to were the ‘whales like to stay’ (bath toy drawer) to find a surprise that we could use on Monday.

Matinee Tickets to see "Rio".

Tickets to go see a movie!

Then back on the hunt we were sent to the basement to look for some more family entertainment. They found a bag full of stuff to make tie dye shirts. One for Daddy, one for Mommy and Peanut, Ladybug and Bear! (again no pic)

Our final clue took us back upstairs to the place where we found our first note from EB and there where our empty baskets had been sitting were three pails o’dirt with one easter treat! (My peanut tells me that the Easter Bunny’s magic allows such tricks.)

Pail O'Dirt

Thank you to the Easter Bunny for all his hard work. We had a morning full of fun & excitement and our afternoon was saved with no sugar caused tantrums. Both Mommy & Daddy are grateful for it all!

Happy Easter Everyone.

Just a quick trip to the grocery store.

With three children, it’s not very often that I get to spend a day with just my little bear. Usually, there’s a whirlwind of activity that leaves me at the end of the day wondering if I gave enough of myself to any one of my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always engulfed in stuff for my kids — making meals, doing laundry, shuttling from one activity or appointment to another, but that hardly covers the hugs and face to face interaction you hope to give them.

Well today was a good day! With the two older kids in school, I got to spend the day with my youngest and, as usual, she didn’t disappoint!

When I asked her why she was so excited today, she said, “Cuz my have things to do Momma!”

“Oh ya?”, I replied. “Like what?”

“Shaker Bear needs to go outside!” I was told. (Shaker Bear is her new term of endearment for our dog, Shakespeare)

“Ok and after you let him out, then what are you going to do?” I asked.

"Shaker Bear"

“Oh! my don’t know… OH! my know! My go grocey shopping with you Momma.”

“Really?” I said. “I wasn’t planning on going grocery shopping today.”

“Yes. My NEED grocies momma! My need ogurt, turkey bites, um nanas, and gacin needs orges!”

“Well, ok then I guess we’d better go to town then.”

So we headed to town where she reminded me at every turn what she “NEEDED” and what was next on the list.

And while we were shopping she chattered away…

Chattering 🙂

  • “Hey! My show you where my “gapes” are.”
  • why she likes “gapes”
  • why she needs a Snow White toothbrush
  • how Daddy was going to his meeting
  • “My really like my meeting coat.”
  • that she likes bouncin’ and “Tigger bounces!”

And then it happened. You know, that moment during a day that you wish you could just package up and keep forever.

We were walking down the aisle and she yelled “STOP Momma!”

“What’s the matter?” I asked

“Nothing” she said. “My just need hug you.”

And with that she reach up and gave me the biggest hug her little body could muster and melted my heart.

Taking time to just be together.

When I thanked her for the hug and told her it was one of the best I’d ever had, she just smiled and said “My love you Momma.”

We headed home with a trunk full of food, my little bear fell peacefully asleep in her seat and I have a memory I will cherish forever.

And with that my day was complete. 

She was thrilled to get to go “grocey shopping” and I was reminded to take the time to see my kids. To hear their thoughts. To feel their love and cherish every moment, even the trips to the “grocey” store.

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