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Jan 7 – Too Cute for Words

Tea parties have become a regular thing in our house this Christmas Holiday. Usually we get buns, soup, strawberry pie, grapes, juice and of course tea. Today, Sammy (the bear) got special service because he wasn’t feeling well.

LOVE days at home!


Jan 6 – Winter Walk

Not really the winter weather we’re used to in Huron County but the milder temperatures definitely make taking some afternoon walks much more pleasant.

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough snow for the toboggan and too much wet sticky snow for the wagon.

Jan 5 – Smiles for Daddy

My husband was away this day and the kids wanted me to send him some pictures for many different reasons.
Little Bear wanted Daddy to see her pompoms.

Our Ladybug wanted to send hugs.

and Peanut, he thought it would be fun to pose with his bear.

So for this day, you get three glimpses into our silly world!

Jan 4 – Animals from Down Under

No, not the kids!
My sister is living in Australia for the next year or so and sent some fun little cut outs for the kids to put together.

Animals from Down Under

Jan 3 – New Books!

Nice and cozy on a snowy blowy day!

Jan 2 – Happy Belated Birthday Shakespeare!

Our New Year's Baby turned 9!

Jan 1 – Happy New Year!

My New Year's Date. Kiss included!

2012 Resolutions

One of the many things I hope to give myself this year, is a daily photo contribution to my blog. Along with random pics each day, I want to have a weekly pic of each of my kids.
That being said, I have my first two posts ready to go. I hope you enjoy a peak into our daily lives.


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