Dear Blog,

Purple Hyacinth "Please Forgive Me"

I’m sorry. I haven’t meant to neglect you. I didn’t mean to leave you unattended for so long.

The real world became very overwhelming during the summer and, as hurtful as it is to hear, you weren’t my first priority. Oh, who am I kidding, you weren’t a priority at all!

In my defense, I thought of you often. I had stories to share, titles to entice, subjects to dive into all swirling around in my head.

To prove my intention to do right by you, I have a list of headlines & activities that I’m sure you would approve but alas, the articles were never shared. The sagas never revealed. The adventures never told.  I beg your understanding.

My kids were home for the summer. My calendar was full to the brim. There were trips to the pool and journeys to far off lands. There were traumatizing acts of nature. Food to be processed and stored. Ultimately, there were people who I love dearly who needed me. Priorities.

But I’m here now! My family members are back into their routines.

My case load has lifted (as lifted as it gets).

I still have my list and I’m ready to share.

I do care passionately about you and your well-being.

Please forgive my absence.


Here is just part of my “LIST TO WRITE” that accumulated over the summer.
I get so many ideas in a day, I’d love to hear what you’d be interested in reading about.
• Our trip to an Egg Farm.
• Down Syndrome as a derogatory comment ?!?!
• My husband – my biggest supporter and critic all in one.
• Miss May
• The disappearance of the Value of Community
• Music Therapy, Brain Gym, Body Talk – the other therapies
• Three Kids, One Husband, A Van and Two VERY DIFFERENT Trips.
• Kentucky State Fair
• AGCHAT – Nashville will never be the same….or is that WE’LL never be the same.
• Stress and Irrational Fears
• FUF3 – Our home town is getting destroyed and we’re living it online, 1,100km away with Twitter
• Farmers Feed Families
• Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Apple Sauce and Salsa!
• #140 Conference Ontario – Don’t Think, Dream Big & Do it!
• You’re only a big deal if you’re a big deal at home first!

About Jen Black

Jennifer is a stay at home mom of three raising her family with her "agvocating" husband on a farm in Huron County, Ontario. She is a designer, photographer, Social Media junkie and blogger. Her former life included advertising, marketing, and life in the big city. You can follow her on twitter @jennileeblack

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