36 hours and counting…

Fever Girl


More specifically the “no other symptoms but my kid is burning up” fevers.

These are my kids favourite kind and the fevers that keep me up for nights on end and leave me feeling helpless, alone and most importantly that our health care professionals really don’t have a clue.

My little bear is in the middle of one of these mysterious, no specific cause, just let it run its course fevers right now.

It started yesterday morning (yes, Happy Mother’s Day to Me) and  is still continuing.

Let me fill you in on the pattern….

My fiercely independent bear becomes overly clingy and seems uncharacteristically warm. I grab a thermometer and discover yes, at 101.6 my suspicions are correct. I dose her in both Tylenol AND Advil measuring for her weight and not for her age (tired of being accused by all-knowing Docs that I must be under dosing). And wait. Now, none of my children seem to react very quickly to fever reducers. They love to keep their mother on the edge of her seat and prefer to take close to 1.5 hrs to allow that temp to come back to a level that I’m comfortable with.

So, I wait and eventually the fever reduces to a more reasonable 99.3 and I can breathe a little easier.

However, that calm is only ever shortly lived and usually, between 1/2 – 1 hr before I can safely give any more medication the fever will spike back up.

Last night my baby girl’s temperature  was 102.4 and I still had 45 min before any other medication could be given. I give her cold drinks.  I use cold compresses and strip her down. By the time it was closer to the proper time, my little bear was HOT (103.4).  I give her all I can (medication wise)  I hold her on my lap and wait very impatiently for her body to stop burning.

And this is our cycle. The same pattern every four hours (Tylenol) & six hours (Advil) for all of my kids each time.

“But why?” my husband asks. “Didn’t she just have a fever a couple of weeks ago? What was wrong then?”

Yes, it was just a couple of weeks ago (2.5 actually) but we never figured out the reason. It just “ran its course”.

“Should we take her in to see the doctor?” my husband asks. “I don’t know.” I say, knowing that there aren’t any other symptoms and most likely they’re just going to tell me it’s just a virus and again, it just needs to “run its course”.

And finally, after three days of this pattern of roller coaster temperatures and a couple of bottles of fever reducers later, I’ll take her into town to see the doctor and he/she won’t have an answer. We’ll go home and wait to see if, in the next few days we finish with our little ride or if we’ll find ourselves back in at the ER department with a very sick child on our hands.

I’m hoping this ride, like most of them, is over sooner than later because the few that we’ve experienced that are more than expected, are nothing I’d wish on any parent.

Wishing for my happy bear.


About Jen Black

Jennifer is a stay at home mom of three raising her family with her "agvocating" husband on a farm in Huron County, Ontario. She is a designer, photographer, Social Media junkie and blogger. Her former life included advertising, marketing, and life in the big city. You can follow her on twitter @jennileeblack

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  1. We have had recurring bouts with the gastro intestinal illness this year – moreso than any other year – seems one of my kids is ill every month – 6 weeks. I can’t explain it, I just have to get through it, but what really bugs me is the “What?? your kids are sick AGAIN???” comments. As if I am doing something to cause it. Or not enough to prevent it. I don’t like my kids being sick, I don’t like having to miss work, I don’t like having to pull them out of school/daycare, I don’t like canceling plans…but what can I do? Kids get sick. A lot apparently. Some people just don’t get that. Do you find that?

  2. Hugs. Hope she’s better soon. 😦

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